Small stack of old letters and photos tied with twine.

Estate Sale

Somewhere amongst the detritus of my younger days—the moldering books, the broken music-box, the worn-out dancing shoes—is a letter that contains your signature and a broken promise. Our entire history could be read in its creases and ragged edges, if I cared to find it.

6 thoughts on “Estate Sale

  1. Laissez Faire says:

    All those objects gave a nice picture of the narrator and I get a sense that she knows where those things are and still cherishes them. That last line said all there was to say about the lost letter. I think it is interesting that “if I cared to find it” could mean both the letter and the actual history.

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  2. Asha says:

    Okay but the two things in this that make me love you even more than usual are: “mouldering books” (sorry, my autocorrect doesn’t like US spelling) and “if I cared to find it”. You do such a fine job of showing us the scene, and that final quiet but so definitive statement make it so clear that this letter and this love will remain firmly “lost”.

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