photo of night sky as stars move across it


All the stars that crowd the ether— Unremarkable, compliant— Travel routes which are reliant On the plan prescribed by nature. Men’s desires have deceived her As she dwindles, meek and pliant, Though I bid her stay defiant. Once the pivot passed beneath her Never could she make a detour.


The things I forget are simple. Not your face, Or the color of your eyes (blue, with hints Of grey and gold, like the sea at dawn.) I forget the sound of birds marking the dawn, the taste of salt, the touch of sun on my face. I forget the shape of us. You left … Continue reading Castaway


Do you see it? That red glow, low and clinging to the horizon, unnerving in its ambiguity. Even the stars recoil. Oil and water, earth and sky— I cannot reconcile them, Embattled as they are— Ardent and unmanned. And so my children learn their place: asymmetrical, the scales of power. Were you about to argue? … Continue reading Discord