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The problem with Seonid, Callum thought, was that she attracted trouble like iron to a lodestone. This particular trouble leaned in close to Seonid, whispered something that made her laugh. Callum seethed in his corner. He was not jealous. The idea would not have occurred to him. It was not the fact of the flirtation … Continue reading Lodestone

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The conversation did not go as she had planned. "You are leaving again." It was not a question. Hand on the doorknob, Seonid turned and smiled, radiating as much reassurance as she could muster. "No, no. I will return soon." She stepped closer to him and murmured, "You know that I am yours completely, my … Continue reading Promises

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Ghosts of Desire

The first thing he made her do was burn the gown. She tore the beautiful rose silk into narrow strips and fed them, one by one, into the flames. It smelled like burning hair. When he wasn't looking, she tucked a scrap of cloth into the pocket of the too-large linen trousers he had given … Continue reading Ghosts of Desire


The Price of Fame

In the end, it was not about the money, he decided, though truth be told, it was a ridiculous sum that would support him well into old age. It was not about the thrill, either, though that certainly played a part: the rush of exhilaration when the knife slides in, the desperate knowledge in the … Continue reading The Price of Fame