Winner takes all

Barbi stands with her back to the mountains, arms raised. Behind her, heat-haze suggests a lake where there isn't one. Jack revs his engine. For a minute, I forget I'm gonna lose. When the dust settles, Jack’s waiting, already smoking. Barbi, though, she saved her smile for me. Featured image by Norbert Schmitz from Pixabay


You dropped a dish, and with it all pretenses. You asked if I was leaving. Kneeling in these shattered half-truths, I can't lie. “I don’t know. Do you want me to?” “No.” Our mended hearts are fragile, and in each others’ hands.


They didn't know that girls like you are trouble for girls like me. Your perfect nails, your laugh in the dark. They didn't expect your vulnerability to be the thing to break me. I didn’t expect to be the one to break.


In the span of a breath, everything changed. Only I didn’t know it then. Before, back when I was just plain Renée and things were easy, I'd walk into a place, score another notch on my belt. I'd bring them home and let them leave. And that was okay. It was more than fine, because everybody … Continue reading Exhale


I slide out from between the tangled sheets, carefully, so I don’t disturb Barbi. I always get up first. That way she doesn’t run into Renée. The sun’s up, has been up for an hour or so. It was the crows that woke me. Goddamn birds. I eye the coffeepot, but we’ve got a less-than-cordial … Continue reading Mornings