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The problem with Seonid, Callum thought, was that she attracted trouble like iron to a lodestone. This particular trouble leaned in close to Seonid, whispered something that made her laugh. Callum seethed in his corner. He was not jealous. The idea would not have occurred to him. It was not the fact of the flirtation … Continue reading Lodestone

White Tea


"You brought her here? Are you insane?" Marna glowered at the three of them. This was not the reaction Callum had expected. "We thought you'd be pleased," he said, allowing a hint of vexation to creep into his voice. Had they not just found a piece of the puzzle? "Really." It was not a question. "Pleased … Continue reading Sanctuary


Deep Magic

Vernía placed a small bottle and a single cup on the table. She was nervous, Callum realized. "I've drunk of Heart's Desire before. I don't understand how it will help us." He gave his sister a wicked grin. "Unless, of course, you think I need a good lay." "Callum!" Vernía shook her head. "Any hedge … Continue reading Deep Magic