You're little, they said. You can sneak in. I don't want to, I said. I was scared. The Rats didn't care, though. If you want a place to stay, you'll have to scout. I didn't want to do that, either. But I said I'd take care of Josie, and I was running out of options. … Continue reading Mousetrap

The Lark

It started out as a lark. God knows, we needed a laugh or two. Someone had found a bottle of liquor, gin or vodka or something. I don’t know; I don’t drink. Paulie climbed up on the fire escape and pulled the ladder after him. “Chicken fight,” he said, grinning. “Take turns. First one up … Continue reading The Lark

Circle the wagons

They offered me shelter. The Rovers, I mean. Food. Safety in numbers. I look at Martin and Josie. My responsibility. Martin's shaking his head. Josie's looking at the sky. What do I care about the Rovers’ revolution? I back the fuck away.


Martin swore the new place was safe enough, and I believed him. He was usually right. Besides, I didn't trust my instincts anymore. Not after I’d led the others straight into a band of Rovers squatting in the basement of the arcade. I’d been sure it was abandoned, but the Rovers beat us there. We … Continue reading Birdhouse