A Shifting Wind

Emmic wipes the sweat from his forehead with his cuff and glares at his companion. Jonath never seems to mind the heat. He is Old Blood, of course, born on Loess, and the Old Blood families have acclimated to the desert over the generations. So too will Emmic’s children, should he ever have any. Jonath leans against … Continue reading A Shifting Wind


Lord of wind-scarred warrens walks the sunless tunnels, Serves the hand of heaven holding to his shoulder. Under seas of sand-swells still his eye turns skyward, Deaf to prayers - a prophet promising a kingdom. This drottkvaett - written for the yeah write April poetry slam - might be the hardest thing I've ever written. … Continue reading Augury

Moth to Flame

New to the Jade Dragon series? Start here! Go to beginning>> Captain Morrow’s eyes never left the Prophet. Lieutenant Nioben lay on the ground beside her where he’d fallen. After the initial shock of the attack, he had settled into a stoic silence. Sweat beaded on his pale Northern skin, and his hands gripped his … Continue reading Moth to Flame


New to the Jade Dragon series? Start here! Go to beginning>> I didn't want to let go, but I did. I have never been brave. I had already used up my small store of courage, exchanged it for a one-way ticket to Oas on the Dragon. I felt the weight of the Captain's distrust like … Continue reading Release