One way out

I fumble for the switch, slap it off. The only light is the flickering of the EXIT sign, staining her pink. I pretend these are your lips, your hands, your teeth digging into my skin. I let her take what is yours.


You dropped a dish, and with it all pretenses. You asked if I was leaving. Kneeling in these shattered half-truths, I can't lie. “I don’t know. Do you want me to?” “No.” Our mended hearts are fragile, and in each others’ hands.


It was a long night. We started with the good stuff, switched to the cheap whiskey, and later, switched back. Two truths and a lie, play till ten points. "Ultimate loser washes the winner's car," Jack said. "Inside and out." And he promised to take the Barracude to the Mojave if he won. Which he … Continue reading Details


They didn't know that girls like you are trouble for girls like me. Your perfect nails, your laugh in the dark. They didn't expect your vulnerability to be the thing to break me. I didn’t expect to be the one to break.


When I need to break your hold, Loose my grip; when I need to hold my fire-- All I can do is drive. In the city you drive Me to distraction; you hold Me accountable for every fire. Out here, the sting of salt-smoke--the fire In my chest--dominates my drive. I breathe it in, as … Continue reading Mojave