So real

"If it came down to it," I'd asked Jack once. "If you could only save one of them..." "One of who?" he wanted to know. "Kyna or Katie. If you couldn't get to both of them." "Katie," he said without hesitation and with a conviction I couldn't mistake. I nodded. He'd just been confirming something … Continue reading So real


I was a beautiful child, or so they tell me, and I believe them. I am beautiful now. It's why the Church took me in, I think; it's certainly why they called me Angel. The Priest of the Dawn himself named me. I was just a few weeks old when I was left on the … Continue reading Angel

As the Wind

Looks can be deceiving. You see a tree, arms widespread, reaching for the evening stars at the end of autumn. I see the turning of the seasons, the earth's heartblood siphoning up and away, leaching into the blue sky. Sitting under its canopy, I float away. This is what I would have posted for the … Continue reading As the Wind