My lover leaves her name outside my door when evening gives us leisure to explore the sounds between the silences, the stark divide, the interplay of light and dark, each night more daring than the night before. And when I cannot tally anymore the whispered count, the reckoning of scores, I catalogue each kiss and … Continue reading Mistress


On this perfect day I watch you throw rock after rock into a mountain stream, Your words a constant flow, a stream of consciousness; all day I lean against this rock and listen while the trees rock the sky to sleep. Clouds stream across the edges of the day. What would I not give for … Continue reading Idyll

Sky lanterns

The stars are not the stars tonight; they burn so fleetingly—they drift, an earthly flame inside each paper shell. With each slow turn their dancing puts those distant stars to shame. We wrapped our hearts in promises and pride, in pledges inked across thin sheets of doubt: Translucent, insubstantial, finely dyed, our lanterns glowed until … Continue reading Sky lanterns