Do you see it? That red glow, low and clinging to the horizon, unnerving in its ambiguity. Even the stars recoil. Oil and water, earth and sky— I cannot reconcile them, Embattled as they are— Ardent and unmanned. And so my children learn their place: asymmetrical, the scales of power. Were you about to argue? … Continue reading Discord


My lover leaves her name outside my door when evening gives us leisure to explore the sounds between the silences, the stark divide, the interplay of light and dark, each night more daring than the night before. And when I cannot tally anymore the whispered count, the reckoning of scores, I catalogue each kiss and … Continue reading Mistress


Between this stolen ship and home a promise made (a broken vow) was written in the rolling foam. Between this stolen ship and home a breach too wide to cross has grown. I toss a ring across the bow between this stolen ship and home: a promise, made a broken vow.


Untie these knots; unbind these silken cords, and let my heart beat freely. Let the blood return to sleeping limbs. Remind my skin— re-teach me how to feel. Just let me breathe, and I will take you in, your breath and mine entangled—intermingled—each exhale a testament to what we have enjoyed: my name upon your … Continue reading Reweaving