I tend to write my stories on the fly with wind and rain and potholes to avoid. I wrestle with my words; I tumble them like pebbles, hoping something will emerge: a thing worth saving. Sometimes it’s just dust— the slag and shavings of my scattered mind. But sometimes I find gemstones, treasures worth their … Continue reading Commuting


Lord of wind-scarred warrens walks the sunless tunnels, Serves the hand of heaven holding to his shoulder. Under seas of sand-swells still his eye turns skyward, Deaf to prayers - a prophet promising a kingdom. This drottkvaett - written for the yeah write April poetry slam - might be the hardest thing I've ever written. … Continue reading Augury

A summer’s day

Morning comes so gently, mist tucking us under a polyphonic blanket of birdsong. Shadows shorten and creep along the morning’s edge. Stones bask, replete, under the sun's caress. The breeze in its languor barely rustles the grass grown tall and green against the red- wreathed sky. Stars like silver needles trace veins of fire across the … Continue reading A summer’s day

So close, so far

The moon shines down, her face inscribing a clear path between the banks - a silver span of light There flows a torrent of words between us a river of falsehoods and in the dark no bridge This mirror cinquain brought to you by the yeah write March poetry slam!