You're little, they said. You can sneak in. I don't want to, I said. I was scared. The Rats didn't care, though. If you want a place to stay, you'll have to scout. I didn't want to do that, either. But I said I'd take care of Josie, and I was running out of options. … Continue reading Mousetrap

The Lark

It started out as a lark. God knows, we needed a laugh or two. Someone had found a bottle of liquor, gin or vodka or something. I don’t know; I don’t drink. Paulie climbed up on the fire escape and pulled the ladder after him. “Chicken fight,” he said, grinning. “Take turns. First one up … Continue reading The Lark

Circle the wagons

They offered me shelter. The Rovers, I mean. Food. Safety in numbers. I look at Martin and Josie. My responsibility. Martin's shaking his head. Josie's looking at the sky. What do I care about the Rovers’ revolution? I back the fuck away.


Martin swore the new place was safe enough, and I believed him. He was usually right. Besides, I didn't trust my instincts anymore. Not after I’d led the others straight into a band of Rovers squatting in the basement of the arcade. I’d been sure it was abandoned, but the Rovers beat us there. We … Continue reading Birdhouse

Shadow Ball

The building shook. Bits of rotting ceiling tiles rained down around us. Josie was still curled in the corner booth, rocking slightly. The red vinyl of the seat cushion creaked as she moved. I fluffed my hair with both hands, trying to shake out the debris. It was futile, a gesture from before. It had … Continue reading Shadow Ball