Willem stood on the balcony of his father's workshop. He was watching the waterwheel spin. The creaks and groans of the wooden mechanism were as familiar to him as the sound of his own breath, and nearly as abhorrent. His father's Decanter puttered around the workshop, tidying up after Willem's failed attempt to improve on … Continue reading Beast

Sea salt


The tinkle of a bell summoned Marna from the storeroom. She dusted off her hands and dabbed her face dry with a handkerchief. The tiny room was windowless and airless, and afforded little relief from the summer's heat. "My condolences," the dark-haired woman said as Marna emerged. She sounded sincere, but Marna knew better. Tears … Continue reading Salt

Heart's Desire, or Need


Sunshine flooded her face. It tasted like honey and coriander. She put a hand to her head and opened her eyes. Seonid lay in a large field of wildflowers, mountains looming all around, and the air was crisp and fresh. She blinked and sat up. Well. This had never happened before. Usually she found herself … Continue reading Need