Sky lanterns

The stars are not the stars tonight; they burn so fleetingly—they drift, an earthly flame inside each paper shell. With each slow turn their dancing puts those distant stars to shame. We wrapped our hearts in promises and pride, in pledges inked across thin sheets of doubt: Translucent, insubstantial, finely dyed, our lanterns glowed until … Continue reading Sky lanterns

The Lark

It started out as a lark. God knows, we needed a laugh or two. Someone had found a bottle of liquor, gin or vodka or something. I don’t know; I don’t drink. Paulie climbed up on the fire escape and pulled the ladder after him. “Chicken fight,” he said, grinning. “Take turns. First one up … Continue reading The Lark


The first time I saw the ‘65 Mustang, her soft-top was shredded. Her passenger door only opened from the inside. Reservoirs stood empty or were missing. The hoses, the seals, the coating on the wires all showed sun damage. She’d been standing with her hood open for years. Anyone else might have walked away, but … Continue reading Listening


Lord of wind-scarred warrens walks the sunless tunnels, Serves the hand of heaven holding to his shoulder. Under seas of sand-swells still his eye turns skyward, Deaf to prayers - a prophet promising a kingdom. This drottkvaett - written for the yeah write April poetry slam - might be the hardest thing I've ever written. … Continue reading Augury