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Negative Space

No desert is as sere
as empty space. Why do you weep?
This crossing is not free.

It never was; not free,
not without cost. You wander sere
and barren galaxies; I weep

and wonder, did they weep,
the stars, when spacetime set them free
to wander skies so sere?

Too sere, my heart. Love, weep no more: fly free.

This tritina brought to you by:


You come to me at night,
Your hair unbound, each curl a flame
That sears my skin like ice.

Each word we speak is ice,
So hush. Be silent in the night.
Let frost give way to flame.

Each fingertip like flame,
Like rain–each kiss is laced with ice.
Oh, when will it be night?

It takes us each: the night, the flame, the ice.

Participating in yeah write’s December poetry slam! This is a tritina. I was given the words night, flame, and ice.

Cat’s cradle

I say I don’t believe in fate,
except I do. It threads
through every life I cross:

Each tangled thread a knot–a cross
I freely bear. One fate
composed of sundry threads.

I weave a tapestry of threads,
of knotted strings; I cross
my fingers, trust in fate.

If fate decides which threads to cut or cross, how glad I am she knotted mine to yours.


Yes, it’s another tritina. I can stop anytime. Really. I mean it.


When I need to break your hold,
Loose my grip; when I need to hold my fire–
All I can do is drive.

In the city you drive
Me to distraction; you hold
Me accountable for every fire.

Out here, the sting of salt-smoke–the fire
In my chest–dominates my drive.
I breathe it in, as much as I can hold.

Don’t hold back. Fire up the engine. Slip into gear, one hand on the wheel. Just drive.


It’s a yeah write poetry slam! Some of our editors and friends are on a tritina kick lately – in fact, some of us (*ahem*) have admitted that we may have a problem. Want to give one a try? Give us a shout at the coffeehouse and we’ll give you three words. In the meantime, check out the other tritinas this week!