Last week, I was sparring a black belt in Taekwon-do. Let me first say, sparring is the thing I find most intimidating about the sport. I like practicing forms, I like breaking boards and kicking bags, but facing another person? A person who is unpredictable and fast and (presumably) kind and not actually intending me … Continue reading Sijak

All aboard

Almost two years ago, I was sitting at my mother's bedside in her hospital room, putting the finishing touches on a short story. I submitted it from the armchair at the foot of her bed on September 29, 2017; she died twenty-four hours later. On September 10, 2018—almost a year later—my story, "The Siren and … Continue reading All aboard


I have a habit of falling into things. It's not just physics - though gravity and I have a very tense relationship. And it's more than just luck. Twenty years ago I signed up for what I thought was an “Intro to Music” class. It turned out to be a beginning composition course, and I loved it. … Continue reading Gravity