Between this stolen ship and home a promise made (a broken vow) was written in the rolling foam. Between this stolen ship and home a breach too wide to cross has grown. I toss a ring across the bow between this stolen ship and home: a promise, made a broken vow.


The War was over, they said. You said, don’t slam the door. Don’t wake me if I’m dreaming. Don’t raise your voice. Night after night I matched my breathing to your measured steps. Maybe this time you’d come back to bed. The War is not over.


Maybe tomorrow I will be made of magic. I will strike sparks from the sky with my fingertips. I will snatch sheep from the hillside where they graze. Tomorrow I will catch your gaze: a glint of light and then gone. But today I am a fat lizard, all sinew and scales, contemplating a stone … Continue reading Chameleon


On this perfect day I watch you throw rock after rock into a mountain stream, Your words a constant flow, a stream of consciousness; all day I lean against this rock and listen while the trees rock the sky to sleep. Clouds stream across the edges of the day. What would I not give for … Continue reading Idyll